TSBS – Episode #8

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bro’s check in about their sexcapades, Zach and Kevin deliver their puke stories, and discuss Corey at the Black/Johnson wedding, watching porn with other people, which celebrities they’d go gay for, their sex fantasies and what their level of kinkiness is, and Corey’s brief trip to the deep web.


TSBS – Episode #7

In episode 7 of The Status Bro Show, the Bro’s discuss listener feedback, movie trailers, the walking dead (season 3 spoiler warning), fears, bugs, and vomit stories (part 1). Enjoy!

TSBS – Episode #6

In this episode of The Status Bro Show, the Bros welcome another guest sitting in for Zach this week. They discuss Vegas, tattoos, James Bond, cheating, our guest Kyle takes on the Edward 40-hands challenge and talks of his experiences on the dark side of insobriety. Also, the Bros revisit the back door and Melissa talks about more of her dark side.