TSBS – Episode #12

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros talk more about illicit substances, Kevin and Kyle’s buddy Loogie, scars, lady farts, and what subjects to talk about on the first date. After the break, the Bros break out some hot peppers for a food challenge, and they finally break out the fabled taser and take it for a spin. It gets hot and wild this week.


TSBS – Episode #11

This week on The Status Bro Show, the crew discuss the events in Boston and extend their condolences/sympathies to the runners, public boners, jacking it to various scenarios, Kevin’s balls, and a few of our favorite porn sites. After the break they discuss feedback, crazy dreams and role reversals, getting clipped, being a badass, and blacking out.

TSBS – Episode #10

This week, on The Status Bro Show, the Bros celebrate Zach turning 21 and the show going into double digits. In the first half, they discuss the hassle involved in UNT registration, more specifically RTF registration, while Zach takes his birthday shot and he and Corey dive into some more bizarre food, and this food comes with an added bonus at the end. In the second half, the Bros talk listener feedback and provide a tutorial for shotgunning beers. After the brief tutelage, the Bros bring up fights, our favorite audio drops over the past 10 episodes, and the “Would vs. Want” scenario.

TSBS – Episode #9

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros salute the fallen Roger Ebert, Corey and Kevin crack some 40’s to prep for the Edward 40 Hands Challenge, Kevin talks hard drugs and ODing, Corey and Zach munch on some mystery food, and they visit sharts and various ejaculations. After the break Corey gets plastered and loopy and they go into listener feedback, what our children won’t have to deal with, and they finally get back around to a game.