TSBS – Episode #10

This week, on The Status Bro Show, the Bros celebrate Zach turning 21 and the show going into double digits. In the first half, they discuss the hassle involved in UNT registration, more specifically RTF registration, while Zach takes his birthday shot and he and Corey dive into some more bizarre food, and this food comes with an added bonus at the end. In the second half, the Bros talk listener feedback and provide a tutorial for shotgunning beers. After the brief tutelage, the Bros bring up fights, our favorite audio drops over the past 10 episodes, and the “Would vs. Want” scenario.


One thought on “TSBS – Episode #10

  1. Sarah

    Hey guys, I’m enjoying listening to you and i have learned a lot about my cousin, Kevin. However, I have one complaint. One of you belches, loudly, all the time and it’s super obnoxious and gross!!! STOP! 🙂 Otherwise 2 thumbs up!!

    Love Kevin’s cousin,

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