TSBS – Episode #17

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bro’s address what happened with last weeks show, they talk speculation for what we might expect in next seasons Walking Dead (Spoilers) and what they would do in a Zombie Apocalypse scenario, ass masters, destroying public bathrooms, and what you would do if you couldn’t find any TP. After the break, the Bro’s dive right in waxing. They load up with a bunch of those at home waxing strips and see what kind of pain they can put themselves in.


TSBS – Episode #16

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros talk about Kevin’s bout with sleep paralysis, meditating, the nomenclature of sex terms, tossing salad, and this summer’s schedule of movies. After the break, the Bros try another new food, Corey talks Xbox, the Bros fly off the deep end a bit, and then come back with makeup sex, movie quotes after sex, and cheating on tests.

TSBS – Episode #15

This week on The Status Bro Show, Melissa is off, but their guest Jason does his best to fill in. The Bro’s grill Jason for his personal information and anecdotes between him and Corey. Corey then gets grilled about his first sexual experiences and they talk about near-porn experiences. After the break, the Bro’s launch right into their bizarre foods, provided by Jason. After trying to recover, the Bro’s discuss horrifying figurative if turned literal, good food drink pairings, and great comebacks.

TSBS – Episode #14

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bro’s talk about high school detention, door to door Mormons, a few video games, and reminisce about the stun gun. Once back from the break Corey provides a food challenge for the crew, and the Bro’s launch into another game. Once they finish, the question is posed as to much would it take you to do some dirty deeds.

TSBS – Episode #13

This week, on The Status Bro Show, the Bros talk about getting Loogie to come in, having sex while on the period, good drunken stories, projectile vomiting, and bar fights. After the break, the Bros dive back into a food challenge, grill their guest about her sexual escapades, having to sneak out, and preferred method of contraception.