TSBS – Episode #20

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros discuss the passing of a legend, glass on air planes, weightlessness, public bathrooms, the more vile bodily functions, creating good smells, and walking in the wrong bathroom. When the Bros return from their break, they discuss spoiled food and food poisoning, the weirdest things they’ve seen at school, having sex with a baby on board, spanking, choking, and also the worst ways to die and to be found dead.


TSBS – Episode #19

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros pose the question, “what is real porn?”, sex on TV, and methodologies for a lack of moisture. Once back from the break the Bros launch into a beta test of a trivia game, talk about partying with figures throughout history, the better bodily functions, and discuss a few of their preferences.

TSBS – Episode #18

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bro’s welcome their special guest, Christine, talk about the aftermath of waxing, whacking it in the car, the weirdest places they’ve kicked boots, speculate on female pickup lines and experiences they want the opposite sex to go through, rank pussy, and accidental nudity. Once they come back, Corey gets phased by a speech jammer, Zach and Melissa get redemption and take on the tazer, then they talk about what you’d do with a gun in your face, losing senses, and they discuss a few Bros of the Future topics.