TSBS – Episode #20

This week on The Status Bro Show, the Bros discuss the passing of a legend, glass on air planes, weightlessness, public bathrooms, the more vile bodily functions, creating good smells, and walking in the wrong bathroom. When the Bros return from their break, they discuss spoiled food and food poisoning, the weirdest things they’ve seen at school, having sex with a baby on board, spanking, choking, and also the worst ways to die and to be found dead.


One thought on “TSBS – Episode #20

  1. Sarah

    Hey guys and gal! So, I wanted to comment on something you guys talked about a couple episodes back, socks during sex. To most people it’s a no no, however, studies have shown that people can climax more often and easier when wearing socks. I thought this needed to be shared. 🙂
    Also, vomit in the hands over shit. I’m a parent and have had both on my hands, vomit wins.
    Kev, it came up with my mom that I listen to your show and she was all intrigued. I told her not to listen because it would not be her cup of tea. She and aunt El did NOT listen to me and were totally appalled about the topics. HA! I think your show is great!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Love (Kevin’s cousin),

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